Monday, March 30, 2009

Copic Color Chart

Here is a chart of all 322 colors that Copic currently makes.
You'll have to click on it to enlarge the scan, but you'll see the colors are marked with a square or a circle. All colors are available in the Sketch style. The colors marked with a circle are also available in the Ciao style and the colors marked with a square are also available in the Original style. Here is the official color wheel from Copic:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to refill ink & replace nibs on your Copic Multiliner SP

Hold the pen with one hand and insert
the metal SP changer into the grooves as
shown for either the nib or the cartridge.
How to Refill Ink & Replace Nibs
on your Copic Multiliner SP
Be Careful!
Use Cartridge A for pen sizes 0.03, 0.05, and 0.1
Use Cartridge B for all other pen sizes.
• Frequent removal of nibs will cause poor contact
with ink cartridge. Only remove nibs when they
need to be replaced.
• Do not use dried-up or bent nibs.
Nibs: Push the nib out using the hand holding the
changer. Push straight out. Insert the new nib carefully.
Be sure the wick is lined up correctly. Ink will flow in a
few minutes.
Refill Cartridge: Hook your fingers around both sides
of the changer and pull firmly. The cartridge will jump
out. Pull the protective cap off the new cartridge and
insert into the pen. Ink will flow in a few minutes.

Refilling Markers

Refilling markers VARIOUS INK
The marker created for creative people.
When you see streaking in your work, it is time to refill your marker.
Copyright © 2008 Imagination International, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Drip and dab method
1. Hold the marker in one hand, at a
slightly tilted angle, with the flat side ofthe
Broad or Medium Broad Nib up.
2. With your other hand, gently dab 15-20
drops onto the nib surface, allowing each
drop to be absorbed before adding the
Notes: Try not to overfill. If overfilling
occurs, use a tissue to absorb the extra
ink.Maximum fill:Sketch 3cc.COPIC 4cc.
Use rubbing alcohol to clean any ink
spills or to wipe your marker clean. You
can rinse dirty caps in alcohol and wipe
the insides clean with a cotton swab.
COPIC: Using the Booster
1. Screw the booster needle onto your
various ink bottle. Carefully remove the
protective cap.
2. For COPIC markers carefully
insertthe booster along the side of the
3. Add 2-3cc's ink (depending on how
empty your marker is). The back of the
Various Ink bottle has measurements
on it. Immediately replace the marker
cap when done.
Sketch: Using the Booster
1. Screw the booster needle onto
your various ink bottle. Carefully
remove the protective cap.
2. For Sketch markers, remove the
Med. Broad Nib from your marker.
3. Add 2-3cc's ink (depending on
how empty your marker is). The
back of the Various Ink bottle has
measurements on it. Immediately
replace the nib and marker cap
when done.
COPIC Booster
• Booster is sharp.
• Always recap after use.
• Not intended for children.
• Clean Booster with Rubbing alcohol after each use.
Broad Nib or
Medium Broad Nib
Match the color number of your
marker with the color number on
the Various Ink Cap
Refilling Wide Markers
Hold the marker at a
45o angle, then drip and
dab Various Ink into the
provided notch. Holds
up to 5cc's
For questions or comments contact Me @ kxw516@yahoo.

Copic Color Chart

The Copic Color Chart you see here;
& color/number system helps you
choose colors that will blend nicely and
give you depth in your color range.
How to pick blending colors:
To instantly tell if a color will blend
evenly with the next darker or lighter
shade, choose markers like this:
1. Match the color letters, keeping
the color family the same.
2. Match the middle number, this will
keep the tone the same.
The last number tells you how light or
dark the shade is. For Highlights, pick a
last number with a value of 0, 1, 2, or 3.
For Mid tones, choose numbers 4, 5, or
6. For Shadows, choose colors with the
last number of 7, 8, or 9. Also try to keep
a 2 or 3 digit difference between your
Using more colors achieves
smoother blends!
This blend was created with 3 markers:
BG000 BG02 BG05 BG07 BG09
For a smoother gradient, use more colors. Notice how much
more the pale and dark shades stand out when blended with
more colors.
BG000 BG05 BG09
BG05 Holiday Blue
Understanding the Copic Color System
The numbers and letters on your marker represent the following:
Shows color type
Intermediate Classification
Color number within color type.
Variation 0-9 Specific Classification/
Brightness #
Specific variation of color within
the intermediate classification.
Variation 0-9
(Based on 1-10 with neutral gray brightness)
Color Name
Copyright © 2008 Imagination International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Markers / Sketch / Sets

Sketch 12 Ex-3
Sketch 12 Color Set
Sketch 36 Color Set
Sketch 72 Color Set A
Sketch 72 Color Set B
Sketch 72 Color Set D

Copic Marker Club

What is a Copic Marker Club?
It's a way that 3 people come together and share a box of Copic Sketch markers each month until they all have all the colors they want.
For example:
I sign everyone up and divide you into groups of 3. Then, we order enough boxes of markers so each person gets anywhere from 3-six markers each month, depending on how many the group wnats. At the end of a nine to twelve month period, each member in the group has anywhere from 66- 99 Copic Sketch markers. They will all be markers that closly match Stampin'Up's 48 colors. Some of them wil be nuetrals along wiht a colorless blender. One of your shipments will include a Copic marker storage box. Your cost per month will depend on how many sketch markers the group of 3 individuals decides to purchase.

How many colors can I collect?
You can collect one box and stop or you can sign up again and keep collecting.

What kind of Copic Markers do we get?
I are currently offering 1 club- Sketch. I feel these are the best to collect.

What's the difference between Ciao and Sketch?
Both markers have replaceable nibs, both have the same ink inside, & both can be refilled. Sketch markers are designed to also work with the Copic airbrush system. Ciao come in 144 colors, Sketch come in 39,323,456,987 colors. LOL! Just kidding, but the sketch come 322 colors & won’t roll off your table.

When will you be starting your next club?
The next one will be starting May 15th.

How do I know what box I should start with?
You can go to Check the color charts on my blog here:
It will take anywhere from 9 months to a year to complete the series.

How much does it cost to join?
Currently it costs nothing to join. The price is based on how mnay markers you purchase a month.

How do I pay for them?
I can accept a paypal payment each month or a check in the mail. You will not be billed, you will need to remember to make the payment.

Once I join, can I quit?
You can quit after you finish what the group agrees on. Please don't quit in the middle of a groups agreement. That just ruins it for everyone else in your box and makes it hard on us if we have just a handful of markers here and there. They become harder for me to get rid of that way. But once you've fulfilled your club's agreement and have collected how ever many you decide on, you can opt to collect more or not.

How will I know when and how to sign up?
Subscribe to my blog at http://myshesurestampsalot.blogspot.comI will contact you once I have 2 others for your group.
I will be making the announcement there and if you subscribe, the info will drop right in your email box. I hope this info has been helpful. If you have more questions, contact me.
Ciao baby , ~Karen

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Matchbox Die Treasure Chest

I cased this treasure chest from Gretchen Barron. She made three of the boxes, one each in Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink and Almost Amethyst. She made all the tops in Almost Amethyst. then she used Sticky Strip Adhesive on each of the box top flaps to hold them together and used Sticky Strip as well to adhere the Tea Party Designer Series Paper around the assembled chest. A 2" piece of 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon serves as the drawer pulls, held in place with the adorable new Flower Assortment Brads. She wrapped a piece of DSP (2 5/8" x 10") around the assembled drawers, securing it all around with Sticky Strip. She then wrapped a generous piece of the new 5/8" Satin Ribbon (again available April 1st from the Occasions Mini Catalog), leaving enough to tie a bow on the top. Oh my gosh, this new ribbon is so beautiful and easy to work with! The tag is made with one of the tags on the Die and the new set (yes, from the Spring/Summer Occasions 09 Mini ) called Great Friend. The butterfly antennae are from the Pretties Kit! She punched a tiny hole in one butterfly wing and tied a loop of Linen Thread thought it to attach the tag to the bow!
Here's what it looks like from the front. Isn't it darling?