Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ribbon Sampler Ring

To make this sampler, you cut equal lengths of ribbon. Then you punch 3/4" squares of black cardstock. Each piece of ribbon was folded over at the top and then sandwiched between two pieces of cardstock before being secured with an eyelet. I would never have done this project this way if it weren't for the new Crop a Dile. It was so easy to punch through all the layers of paper and ribbon. And setting the eyelets was a dream--it didn't tax my hands, wrists or patience. I love the tool. This project is a great camp for selling the Crop-a Dile.


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  2. Karen, I love this ribbon ring...not just to show off the crop a dile, but most people it is hard to buy ribbon you don't physically see...I myself have not ever purchased ribbon from SU and I am a demonstrator! I would love to make this to show people...