Sunday, March 29, 2009

Copic Marker Club

What is a Copic Marker Club?
It's a way that 3 people come together and share a box of Copic Sketch markers each month until they all have all the colors they want.
For example:
I sign everyone up and divide you into groups of 3. Then, we order enough boxes of markers so each person gets anywhere from 3-six markers each month, depending on how many the group wnats. At the end of a nine to twelve month period, each member in the group has anywhere from 66- 99 Copic Sketch markers. They will all be markers that closly match Stampin'Up's 48 colors. Some of them wil be nuetrals along wiht a colorless blender. One of your shipments will include a Copic marker storage box. Your cost per month will depend on how many sketch markers the group of 3 individuals decides to purchase.

How many colors can I collect?
You can collect one box and stop or you can sign up again and keep collecting.

What kind of Copic Markers do we get?
I are currently offering 1 club- Sketch. I feel these are the best to collect.

What's the difference between Ciao and Sketch?
Both markers have replaceable nibs, both have the same ink inside, & both can be refilled. Sketch markers are designed to also work with the Copic airbrush system. Ciao come in 144 colors, Sketch come in 39,323,456,987 colors. LOL! Just kidding, but the sketch come 322 colors & won’t roll off your table.

When will you be starting your next club?
The next one will be starting May 15th.

How do I know what box I should start with?
You can go to Check the color charts on my blog here:
It will take anywhere from 9 months to a year to complete the series.

How much does it cost to join?
Currently it costs nothing to join. The price is based on how mnay markers you purchase a month.

How do I pay for them?
I can accept a paypal payment each month or a check in the mail. You will not be billed, you will need to remember to make the payment.

Once I join, can I quit?
You can quit after you finish what the group agrees on. Please don't quit in the middle of a groups agreement. That just ruins it for everyone else in your box and makes it hard on us if we have just a handful of markers here and there. They become harder for me to get rid of that way. But once you've fulfilled your club's agreement and have collected how ever many you decide on, you can opt to collect more or not.

How will I know when and how to sign up?
Subscribe to my blog at http://myshesurestampsalot.blogspot.comI will contact you once I have 2 others for your group.
I will be making the announcement there and if you subscribe, the info will drop right in your email box. I hope this info has been helpful. If you have more questions, contact me.
Ciao baby , ~Karen

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