Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Copic Colors

You may have heard rumors on the internet this Spring about new colors coming from Copic.The rumors are true and confirmed!!Copic is coming out with 12 new colors, available in Sketch and Various ink only. This will bring the total to a whopping 334 colors of markers available. Wow! That's a lot of choices.They are NOT available for purchase...(yet)...just keep reading...

The fabulous new colors are:

COPIC Sketch BV0000 Pale Thistle

COPIC Sketch V0000 Rose Quartz

COPIC Sketch RV0000 Evening Primrose

COPIC Sketch R0000 Pink Beryl

COPIC Sketch YR0000 Pale Chiffon

COPIC Sketch Y0000 Yellow Fluorite

COPIC Sketch YG0000 Lily White

COPIC Sketch G0000 Crystal Opal

COPIC Sketch BG0000 Snow Green

COPIC Sketch B0000 Pale Celestine

COPIC Sketch C00 Cool Gray 00

COPIC Sketch W00 Warm Gray 00

Then the question comes, What do I do with all those super pale colors?Well, I know that our design team will love the pale yellow (Y0000) and pale blue (B0000) , as they have been making their own markers in these colors right now. The color "Snow Green" is perfect for...well...snow. That pale red is going to be great for subtle, rosy cheeks, and I would use YR0000 for a pale skin color. Once I get my hands on these I'll try to color something and use these soft colors (see, I can't even play with them yet!! my patience is wearing thin...)So when will they be available??!!!Soon. I know you want them NOW. It is very hard to know exactly when the boat is coming over from Japan, but the first few may arrive in time for an Anime Expo sneak peek (July 2-5, Los Angeles Convention Center)
I will be placing an order for any that want them in their club after they finish the ones they are doing.
Have a great weekend,

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  1. I'm going to bookmark your blog here, for the Copic glossary, which is very useful to me as a newbie. Are Copies ever available in stores like Michael's, or do they have to be ordered through dealers, or direct from their website? Thanks!