Saturday, May 15, 2010

coloring flowers

The image is so tiny that it is very easy to blend, and coloring took only a couple minutes. I started with BV00 for the centers of each flower, then blended in RV00 to create the base tone for the image. To blend, I simply colored in circles over each petal until the BV00 softened out into the pale pink.

For contrast, I added E04, then softened it in with a bit more BV00 and RV00. My leaves were a simple base of YG11, then I added G85, since it is a nice earthy green that is not too vibrant. I went back with the YG11 to blend in the G85. On the final image I darkened any areas that blended out too much by adding a touch more of the G85. This helps keep strong cotrast in my image, and contrast is what makes things look interesting.
Then I scribbled some W3, Y11 and W1 around the image for a soft background (not pictured in this diagram) and blended it out with my colorless belnder, again by scribbling.

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