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CMC- Copic Marker Clubs are finally here!

Without further ado.....CMC - COPIC MARKER CLUB

For those of you who don't know me; I am now a certified, Copic Marker instructor. I am also a retail distributor so I can sell them to you.
I first fell in love with Copic markers about 3 years ago & have been slowly accumulating them ever since. They provide the ultimate solution to design flexibility & artistic liberty.

I am running a special during the month of May. Read on!
If you join one of my clubs during the month of May, the cost per Sketch marker will be $5.50, which will include tax & shipping to the zip code of 14580. If you wait until June, the cost will go up to $6.50 a marker. That's an incredible savings that won't last long. May is half over.

I feel a Copic Sketch marker club is a great idea to obtain a great investment. They are a great investment over the long run for several reasons.
Copic markers come in several different styles. They are sold as the original Copic, Ciao, Sketch, & Wide. I myself prefer the sketch. Sketch markers hold more ink, & can be used with an airbrush.
They have an oval body profile which makes them roll resistant so they stay on the table surface & won't roll off. They have durable polyester nibs that come in Medium Broad and Super Brush - a soft, flexible, fast-flowing brush for delicate or bold expression, that can be replaced.

Major characteristics include;
Available in 322 colorsand refillable with the standard COPIC Various Inks.
Solid polypropylene body is both smooth and comfortable, for a perfect, controllable grip. Precise and positive colored capping system provides for instant color selection. Body inscriptions and symbols are wear resistant and easily cleaned with COPIC cleaner.

When I first started buying them, I would purchase about one a week. They are not cheap. If you were to go to a fine art store you will find they area about $7.00 with tax.

Bottom Line; CSMC.
Copic Sketch Marker Club
I started a Copic-Sketch Marker club to help everyone get these wonderful makers more economically.

If you still want SU markers, I can obviously purchase them for you in small groups to accommodate pricing economy.
Copics are not water based, which makes them much more different from SU markers.
They are alcohol based. They blend very well with one another, and can be used with an air brush to paint things other than paper, like metal & plastic. They are not water based like SU markers are. That's what gives them that silky feeling when you touch them to paper like you are painting with a scarf.

Some of you got a chance to try them in my last camp. (I will continue to bring them for you to try.) I have been working for several years to come up with colors that match SU colors exactly. It's taken a long time to perfect the math on them, as you can see from some of my original posts 3 yeara ago. I now have 'Red, Blue, Green', "recipes" to match SU colors. Some markers need to be used over another color to match a SU color exactly. Some markers need to be used under another color to match a SU color. Some do match by themselves.
If you join my Copic Marker club, you will get these SU "recipes" I've perfected over the years. It's not an exact science, since computer monitors, printers & every-ones' eye sees color differently, but the recipes I have I think are the best on the market.

What is a Copic Marker Club

It's a way that stampers come together and share boxes of Copic markers each month until they all have all the colors they want. It takes aprox.. 66 sketch markers to match 48 SU colors + neutrals. (98 colors would make you satisfied :) but you only need about 66 to match the 48 + neutrals. Yes, I I have all the previous year In-Color matches too, but am currently working on this years colors. Colors come in boxes of 3 so it takes 3 people to form a club.
For example:
I sign everyone up and divide you into groups of 3. When I have 3 people who want to form a club, your club starts. Then, we order enough boxes of markers so each person gets six markers each month. The group of 3 decides on how many markers they want to purchase a month & how many months they want the club to last. The group can decide on more or less, markers & months. At the end of a period, you will have as many markers as the group of 3 decided on. In your last shipment, you receive one or 2 Copic marker storage boxes( based on your personal preference) Your cost per month is based on how ever many markers you decide you want to purchase each month. Each Sketch marker is $6.50. So for 6 markers it would be $39.00 The $6.50 price includes tax & shipping. If your club decides you only want 3 markers a month that's fine, but 3 markers is the minimum your club can order.

How many boxes can I collect?

You can collect one set of boxes and stop or you can sign up again and keep collecting. Your group of 3 will decide how you want your club to have. Remember, there are 322 colors, but you will only need about 66-75 to match the SU colors, nuetrals & In-Colors.

What kind of Copic Markers do we get?

I am currently offering 1 club- Sketch. I feel these are the best to collect. If your group would rather some other type (Ciao, wide or Copic) & everyone agrees, then you may order them, but remember, I can't guarantee you will be able to get all the colors you need to match SU colors if you decide on something besides Sketch.

What's the difference between Ciao and Sketch?

Both markers have replaceable nibs, both have the same ink inside, & both can be refilled. Sketch markers are designed to also work with the Copic airbrush system. Ciao come in 144 colors, Sketch come in 39,323,456,987 colors. LOL! Just kidding, but the sketch come 322 colors & won’t roll off your table. Plus, there's no need for an adaptor.
However, if your group decides they

When will you be starting your next club?

Clubs are started when ever 3 people let me know they want to form a club & decide on how many markers & months they want to purchase. The reason I have to do a club in groups of 3 is because it's the only way I can purchase the individual colors. If someone wants to buy all the markers or a personal set of 36 or 72, I can certainly accommodate them, but they won't be SU matching colors. They will be setsin groups that make up the 322 colors.

How do I know what box I should start with?

You can go to check the official Copic color charts here: or look more closely at my blog, but basically it starts with what ever colors the 3 of you decide you want. If you only want the SU family of pastels, I will purchase those. If you want specific SU colors, & the 3 of you agree on them, I will purchase them. I won't give you any of my secret matching "recipes" until you purchase what ever SU color macth is it you want. Iwill tell you however, in advance, if it requires more than one sketch marker or not to make the exact match.

How long will it take to complete each family of colors?

Time will be based on how many markers & how many markers at a time the club decides to purchase.Typically if you wanted to buy 66 markers at 6 markers a month, it would take 11 months to buy them all.

How much does it cost to join?

Each marker retails at $6.50, HOWEVER; If you join one of my clubs during the month of May, the cost per Sketch marker will be $5.50, which will include tax & shipping to the zip code of 14580. Arangements for pick up can be made. If you are in another zip code you will need to contact me for pricing due to shipping differences.

How do I pay for them?

You can mail me a check, or you can make a paypal (bank transfers only) payment each month. For this price I can not accept credit cards. You will not be billed, you will need to remember to make the payments.

Once I join, can I quit?

You can quit after everyone in your group of 3 decides you want to stop.
Please don't quit in the middle of a family group if that's what the group decides. That just ruins it for everyone else in your club and makes it hard on me if we have just a handful of markers here and there. They become harder for me to get rid of that way. But once you've fulfilled your 3 person club's agreement and have collected all the ones you want, you can opt to collect more or not.

How will I know when and how to sign up?

Let me know by email that you are interested & I will pair you up with two others that want o be in a club. A conference call or meeting will be made initially to start your own club rolling to assure everyone wants & agrees on the same thing.
Clubs are constantly starting up.

How do I store my markers?

You can purcase different types of cases & that can be based on an indiviual decision whenever you decide on what you want. It can be any time you want.
You can purchase block stands, wallets, wire stands, or more economical plastic box cases.

Are there other things I can order?

Yes, there are multiliners, air brushes, generators & multiliner pens, & atyou glitter spica pens as well.
Just email me for a price on anything you want.

I hope this info has been helpful. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have put a lot of time & energy into making my "recipes" and they are invaluable if you want your work to have that pristene look & match SU colors.

Your Copic Dealer & Instructor
Ciao baby,

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